Unicorn is the name of the American team that is in the FFI. The team has Bobby Shearer (Domon) and Erik Eagle (Ichinose) who were formerly on the Raimon team, as well as Mark Kruger (Captain) and Dylan Keith (Ace Striker). The teams main moves are Pegasus Shot and Unicorn Boost. Their most powerful technique is called Gran Fenrir.



  • Pegasus Shot: Eric Eagle's personal hissatsu shoot.
  • Unicorn Boost: Mark Kruger and Dylan jump and kick the ball in midair, summoning a purple unicorn.
  • Gran Fenrir: Eric,Dylan,& Mark Kruger stand together for around 2 seconds then Mark Kluger kicks the ball straight with a purple aura around the shot. Then Dylan and Eric Eagle kick at a synchronized time then the ball rises up with an even more powerful and fierce rotation then Mark Kluger kicks the ball.


  • *Volcano Cut V2: this is Bobby Shearer's personal defense move at a higher level.
  • '*Flash Upper: 'This is Billy's (Goalkeeper) own personal hissatsu.
  • True Killer slide: Bobby's famous sliding tackle, Killer slide. At a new level

Hissatsu TacticsEdit

  • Rolling Thunder: It is an offensive tactic that blocks all other players except 3 players. Basically the person, attempts to goal, but if the defender blocks it, another person attempts to goal, this routine will continue unless the goalie is able to block every shot.