Ray dark

Ray Dark is the main antagonist of the Inazuma Eleven series. He was the former coach of Royal Academy


He wears a violet long-sleeve polo and pants. He has a long face with brownish hair tied back in a ponytail and wears sunglasses. He is tall and has a slender physique.


As the son of the once legendary Tom Dark, he is very attached to winning. After being abandoned by his father after his loss to the Inazuma Eleven, he developed an extreme phobia of losing and thus does anything in his power to win, even going as far as playing dirty.

He has formed two teams; Royal Academy and Zeus Junior High. Ray Dark has been coach of Royal Academy for ten years. But as Royal witnesses one of Ray Dark's plan, they soon discover he wanted to destroy Raimon Junior High. Then, after Royal "betrayed" him, he created a new team called Zeus Junior High. Zeus beat Royal completely with the score 10-0. Raimon defeated Zeus in the finals and captured Ray Dark once again. Then Raimon replaced Royal as the best team in the country. In the Alius Academy Arc, he appeared again, and this time, Royal is under his control again, now called True Royal (Teikoku) Academy. But Raimon beat him again. In the Football Frontier Internationals Arc, he appeared again and has a new team called Team K. But the Inazuma Japan beat him again. Then, he took Orpheus under his control and seeks to destroy the Inazuma Japan by using Gouenji Shuuya to win the FFI soon after there team had lost in the FFI Ray Darks leader had told someone to kill him, this was very unfortunate as ray dark was now good and had a child who looked up to him this was very sad RIP