thumb|300px|rightIt is Mark's only solo hissatsu move as Libero (Defender in the english section).


A powerful technique that resembles the Fist of Justice. During the match against Diamond Dust, an attempt to goal against them failed. Then Gazelle used Nothern Impact to goal; sice Mark had left the goal in order to assist with the goal attempt, Mark rushed back however about to attempt a guard with the Fist of justice, Jude warned him to not use, since he wasn't in the penalty area, Mark had no time to think so he charged against the ball with his head, apparently he created the 1st phase.* The 1st phase looks like the previous attempts to complete the Fist of Justice, However it was succesful in blocking compared to the Fist of Justice's 1st phase, which turns into a yellow cloud of dust even with a simple kick.*


Appearntly, training Mark was difficult, since he is fond of using his hand to block the ball, They decided to lock up his arms with two heavy tires. so he can focus the energy unto his head instead of fist which is being blocked by the tires.