Little Gigant (game)

Little Gigant's line-up in the game.

Little Gigant (リトルギガント, Ritorugiganto) is Cotarl's national team. Their coach is David Evans (Endou Daisuke), while Hector Helio (Rococco Urappa) is their goalkeeper and captain. Little Gigant are factually one of the strongest teams in the entire Inazuma Eleven universe, as proven when they beat Italy's national team, Orpheus 8-0 in the Semi-Final of the FFI, without using any special moves. Little Gigant is also known as the 'Dark Horse' of the tournament.


Little Gigant's uniform consists of a green shirt with yellow stripes. This is fitted along with dark grey shorts and dark blue socks, with red cleats. The goalkeeper uniform is red, with dark blue sleeves. This is fitted with dark blue shorts with red and white stripes around the edge of the pants holes. Hector Helio assumes the captain's band, which is red.


Little Gigant fought Inazuma Japan' in the finals of FFI in Titanic Stadium. During the first minutes after the match started Drago Hill scored the first goal using Double Jaw for little gigant since Mark's God Catch was not completed. Despite this Xavier made a goal few minutes later using his new move C'elestial Smash, but in the second half David changed his team formation he bought Hector up to the offence leaving Cain Saito as the new goalkeeper. Hector then scored a goal using X Blast V2, which broke through God Catch. Then Jude, Xavier and Shaun scored against Cain's True God Hand X using Big Bang. Hector then used X Blast V3 which broke through God Catch G2, but Hurley deflected the shot. At the end, Inazuma Japan won using Jet Stream.

Logo Little Gigant

Little Gigant's emblem.


  1. Hector Helio (GK/Captain)
  2. Windy Faster (DF)
  3. Walter Mountain (DF)
  4. Ginni Guino (DF)
  5. Maron Ian (DF)
  6. Shinti Hanpa (MF)
  7. Yumu Rinji (MF)
  8. Kito Ryand (MF)
  9. Maxi Kyu (MF)
  10. Goushu Flare (FW)
  11. Drago Hill (FW)
  12. Cain Saito (GK)
  13. McCall Kisara (DF)
  14. Maygar Neysan (MF)
  15. Ryuu Skell (MF)
  16. Skid Wu (FW)

Raimon Natsumi

Raimon Natsumi as Little Gigant's manger.


  • David Evans


  • Raimon Natsumi (former)

Hissatsu TacticEdit

  • Circle Play Drive