Knights of Queen is the international team of England in the FFI. The captain is Edgar Valtinas. The teams most commonly used move is Excalibur, executed by Edgar himself. England end up losing to Japan 2-3

Hissatsu Techniques.Edit


  • Excalibur: Excalibur is a special move used by Edgar Valentino because the further away he is from goal the more powerful it is. Edgar lifts his leg straight up and then a giant blue sword comes out of his foot and slams his leg down.
  • Paladin Strike: Paladin Strike is a move Edgar got a goal with just before half time. Edgar kicks the ball with his toes and then the ball gets green energy.


*Galatyn: It is the only Hissatsu technique of the goalkeepers of Knights of Queen. It can even block Kiyama's (Xavier's ) Ryuusei Blade ( Meteor Blade) V2.

Hissatsu TacticsEdit

  • Absolute Knights:
  • Invincible Lance:

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