Midorikawa Ryuuji

Jordan trying to reveal he was Reize

Jordan Greenway(dub name) or (Ryuuji Midorikawa in Japanese, 緑川 リュウジ Midorikawa Ryūji) also known as "Reize" was captain of the Aliea Academy's 2nd Rank team Gemini Storm. Apparently Xavier Foster(Zene) knows his real name, while Mark, Shawn and the others had no idea who he was until he made a familiar action. He is also very much responsible for injuring many Raimon members(The most injured were Jim, who received critical stomach injury, Steve, who was always targeted ).


Jordan Greenway

Jordan has tan skin and green hair with two separate bangs and hair tied back in a ponytail. As Janus however, his true hairdo seems to be pulled upward(probably by gel) and his bangs disappear and forms as the spike at the back of his hair.


Ordinary Jordan is very cheery, competitive and polite and even states it took a while for him to develop his Reize personality. As his alien personality, Janus, he feels very proud of himself and feels powerful(due to the Ailea rock). He would often use famous quotes, such as: "Earth has a saying that goes like this, whatever was done once will happen twice" or "The weaker the dog, the more he barks." He, like Jim Wraith, has dark aura and is wood affinity.


Just like the other Alius Academy members(Excluding the True Royal and Dark Emperors), he is an orphan from the sun garden orphanage(which he is taught and taken care of by Lina Blitz). However, the orphanage owner's father gets bewitched by the Alius meteorite and uses this on the children to make them super humans in hope of vengeance.

Killer MovesEdit


  • Astro Break: His move first seen when he was in Gemini Storm. Before the user kicks the ball it absorbs the user's power, then kicks the ball. This was the first shot that defeated Majin the hand. It was first used in the second match of Raimon vs Gemini Storm.
  • Astro Gate: His first move developed in inazuma national, xavier supports him in making this a shot. Unfortunately because he had been trying to hard to perfect the move he injured himself in the match between inazuma national and Fire dragon making him leave the team.


  • Cosmic Shot: Jordan's combination killer move while in Gemini Storm.