Jack Wallside


Name Jack Wallside
Kana Kabeyama Heigorou(壁山塀吾郎)
Age 13
School Raimon Middle
Team Raimon Eleven
Team Position Defender
Team Number 3
Affinity Earth
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Jack Wallside is one of the defenders of Raimon Eleven.


Despite Jack's height, and overall size, he is really a shy person. Sometimes he even disappears before a match with the excuse of going to the bathroom. Most of the times Mark has to help him overcome his fears. He respects Mark very much. In his match against Otaku Junior High, he and Gōenji perfect a move called the Inazuma Drop and later he masters a new technique on his own.

He and Mark are the only original Raimon members who did not abandon the team during the Aliea Academy arc.

In there match against Red Dragon, Korea, his defense was useless against their powerful shots.


  • Inazuma Drop:
  • Inazuma 1 Drop:
  • Rock Wall:Jack focuses and doesn't let any players pass(a wall appears)
  • The Mountain:The evolved form of Rock wall, however, instead of a wall a mountain appears. This is 10x powerful than Rock Wall