The members of Raimon GO

Inazuma Eleven GO is the new season of Inazuma Eleven.

The new main character is Tenma_Matsukaze.

The Story starts with a boy called Tsurugi kyouske who destroys the raimon B team with his move death sword.

Tenma manges to stop it with his incomplete avatar and then the Raimon first team appear and challenge him to a match.Tenma and his best freind shinsuke also replace two members of the 1st team because they are spies for the enemies,fith sector.

Raimon MembersEdit

Raimon CoachesEdit

  • Kudou Michiya
  • Mark Evans
  • Jude sharp
  • wonderbot teddy bear(trainer)(chrono stone)
  • Axel Blaze (Chrono stone)

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