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Inazuma Break

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Inazuma Break V2

Inazuma Break(イナズマイレブンブレイク)
is a killer move that the Inazuma Eleven developed. Jude, Mark, and Axel use do this. Coach Seymour also used this replacing Mark when he was practicing for Majin The Hand. The Inazuma break first broke through the Infinite Wall, a defensive move that made Farm Junior High famous.

User(s): Jude Sharp, Axel Blaze, & Mark Evans and Jude Sharp, Axel Blaze, & Seymour Hillman


The first user kicks the ball high in mid-air then the first, second and third users kick the ball at the same time.


  • When they were first using this Jude used Dark Ball first.
  • It is the first technique that broke through Infinite Wall and also its evolved for True Infinite Wall.