Hammer of wrath

Hammer of Wrath

Hammer of Wrath
, also known as Hammer of Rage in Japanese, is one of Mark Evans' most powerful defenses in Inazuma Eleven.


Mark uses Majin the Hand to summon the majin. But instead of blocking the ball, he leaps into the air then smashes the ball into the ground.

Inazuma Eleven 3 Challenge to the World - Hammer of Wrath (Game Ver00:00

Inazuma Eleven 3 Challenge to the World - Hammer of Wrath (Game Ver.)

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Trivia of this weak move.Edit

1. I could say this is the weakest move and the least-appear in anime hissatsu , i think its weaker than

God Hand and it cant stop a TP40 and above shot hissatsu at the game.

2. Hammer of Wrath resembles Majin the Hand evolution by smashing instead of stopping it with palm.

3. This move was invented during the match against Fire Dragon, Chaos break defeated Mark's Fist of Justice G5 .

Soon later, Mark uses Hammer of Wrath to stop Chaos Break twice during the end of the match.

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