Fei miximax


Fey rune

Fei rune is a character introduced in the inazuma eleven go chrono stone series and is the person who helped Tenma after being atacked by alpha.

He will play in Raimon and tenmas.

At the beggining of the series it was thought that he does not have an avatar because he fuses with the dinosaur from the miximaxi gun .He was part of a antagoinst group called the second stage children the group the reason El dorado wants to destroy soccer so they can make piece in the future, it was also thought that El dorado were  the enemie of inazuma eleven go Chrono stone the new series but it is actually him and the second stage children. He comes from 200 years into the future.

He will return to Raimon and play for chrono storm to save the world , time and space.

In episode 007 he looks like one of Axel (Gouenji)s fans.

Mark Evans will save him from beeing sealed in the sphere device and Mark 

Fei in Mixi Max form (Big) CS34 HQ

Fei's second mixi max with big

will use God_hand_V but He will get sealed instead.

Special Move

Bouncer rabbit

Ancient Fangs

King's Fangs

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