Inazuma Eleven 3 Challenge to the World - Eternal Blizzard (Game Ver00:00

Inazuma Eleven 3 Challenge to the World - Eternal Blizzard (Game Ver.)

Eternal Blizzard
is a move used by Shawn Frost or, more accurately his brother, Aden.


Eternal blizzard

Eternal Blizzard

The ball gets covered in ice. Shawn/Aden spins twice then kicks the ball with great power, breaking the ice and leaving the ball with icy aura.


During the match against Hakuren Jr.High , Eternal blizzard manage to pass God Hand and score a goal.

2.During the match against Gemini Storm , this move scored a goal by a easy motion and the goalkeeper cant block it with bare hands , soon the goalkeeper stop it with Black Hole.

3. Eternal blizzard used almost three and more times during the second match with Epsilon and scored a goal by defeating Desarm's Wormhole.

4. Soon , this move was seen again in the GO Movie which makes a chain shot with Ryuusei Blade.

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