Eric Eagle
Eric Eagle
Name Eric Eagle
Kana Kazuya Ichinose(一ノ瀬和也)
Age 14
School Raimon Middle School
Team Raimon Eleven
Team Position Midfielder
Team Number 16(Raimon)
Affinity Wood
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Eric Eagle, or Kazuya Ichinose(一之瀬一哉 Ichinose Kazuya), is Bobby Shearer and Sylvia Woods' childhood friend.


Eric has brown hair and black eyes.


Football Frontier ArcEdit

An accident in his childhood occurred when a cute, brown puppy was almost going to be hit by a truck. Eric swiftly pushed the dog out of the trucks way and was hit. Eric was moved for medical treatment, leaving Sylvia and Bobby to think that he died. Because of his love for soccer, he went to Japan to visit Sylvia and Bobby, and became a member of Mark's team. He loves soccer and became a member of Raimon Eleven. wagwan

Alius Academy ArcEdit

When Eric first met Sue immediately fell in love of him and claiming him to be her husband after he eats her "Lovey-Dovey-Dish" which was just a simple seafood dish that she made. After their match with Epsilon, Sue decided to stay on the team hoping to be with him. She also calls him "Darling".

Football Frontier International ArcEdit

He and Bobby joined the American team, Unicorn and battles Mark.



  • Spinning Shot: Erik performs a head spin and forms a tornado and then kicks the ball
  • Spiral Shoot: Eric hit on the edge of the ball to make a twin boost like ball and kicks it with full power
  • Flame Dance: Eric does a star-shaped head spin and makes an Typhoon of Fire
  • Pegasus Shoot:Eric does a backflip into the air and kicks the ball there. The pegasus in this move is similar to the one in Tri-Pegasus.


  • Tri-Pegasus(With Mark & Bobby/ Malcolm & Bobby): A move created by Erik, Malcolm and Bobby and was done with Mark. Mark(can also be Malcolm), Erik and Bobby run forming an asterisk. In the intersection, the ball flies up in mid-air. Three jumps then kick the ball at the same time. This move shows blue flames and a Pegasus.
  • Tri-Phoenix: The evolved Tri-Pegasus. It shows red flames and a Phoenix.
  • Twin Boost: A move done by Erik and Jude. Jude kicks the ball to Erik, then Erik Headers the ball back to Jude. Jude then delivers the final kick.
  • Emperor Penguin No.2: A move done by Erik, Jude and Axel. Jude whistles calling five penguins. Jude kick the ball then Axel and Erik kick the ball again at the same time. The penguins with follow the ball as support.
  • Grand Fenrir:(With Mark Kluger and Dylan) They all yell 'Grand Fenrir' at the same time while Erik and Dylan run forward. Mark kicks the ball, surounding it with a purple aura, then Erik and Dylan kick the ball strenghthening its rotation and sending it upward. Mark then kicks the ball, summoning a purple wolf-like animal.


  • The episode where Erik first appear in person is called "The Reincarnated Genius".
  • Sylvia described Erik similar to Mark.
  • Eric, along with Sylvia and Bobby, are all Wood affinity.