Dual Smash

Dual Smash is Jim and Tom's combination killer move that stops shoots, especially strong ones like Fireball Storm.

Known User(s): Jim Wraith and Thomas Felt

Element: Water

Person(s) Required: 2

Type(s): Goalkeeping

Debut Episode: Episode 64


A truly powerful goalkeeping move. Two people, right and left, exchange glances, and separate, side to side then charges toward the ball with both of their bodies and slam it while a blue aura surrounds the ball and they both yell "Dual, Smash!!!" to prevent it from reaching the goal. After the ball descends from the air the left user grasps it tightly. The commentator, Chester Horse, called this move(after stopping Fireball Storm) They stopped fire(Fireball Storm) with water(Dual Smash)


  • After they used this on Fireball Storm, Jim called Axel's killer move nothing special while Tom Agreed.