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Caleb Stonewall or (Fudou Akio in Japanese) is the captain of Royal Academy Redux and midfielder of Inazuma Japan.


He is harsh and a total bastard to most people. He has a cocky, self-serving attitude. However, most of this personality is a front, as evidenced by the later seasons.


He has brown hair in a mohawk and gray eyes. In the Aliea arc, he has a red tattoo on the left side of his head.

Plot OverviewEdit

When he was a child, his father took the blame for his boss's failure and was forced to resign. His mother told him to become powerful. Caleb took his mother's words in a twisted sense and joined Ray Dark for power. He set up Royal Academy Redux in Ehime, and recruited David and Joe to play a match against the Inazuma Caravan using forbidden moves.

In season 3 ,Caleb was selected as a candidate to represent Japan in the FFI (International Football Frontier).

In the Asian preliminary finals he finally worked together with Jude and overcame their differences to beat Korea's team.

Jude and David were thinking that Caleb was in contact with Ray Dark.In the next episode he Jude,David and Mark helped Italy's natinal Orphes in their match with Team K ,because some of the members were injured. They found Ray Dark who descised as Mr K .

In episode Penguin vs penguin he created a emperor penguin no.3 with David and Jude this defeted Team K.


  • Kobus Tornado: It is a shot that was erased by Kobus Stonewall he jumps in the sky and makes a tornado!
  • Emperor Penguin No#3:Jude,Caleb and David jump into the air,Jude then whistle out five purple penguin.The three of them rotates around the ball, jump then smashes the ball down to the goal with the penguins followin for support.

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