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Caleb Stonewall or (Fudou Akio in Japanese) is the captain of Royal Academy Redux and midfilder of Inazuma Japan.


He is harsh and a total bartster to some people.


He has brown hair spikey like and blue eyes.He has a scar on the right side of his head.

Plot OverviewEdit

When he was a child,his father had to take his boss's job and was made to quit,before he left his home his mother told him to become a powerful man.Caleb took his mother's word in a twisted way and, so he went looking for power.He joined forces with Ray Dark and set up Royal Academy Redux in Emih,he even got David and Joe to to the forbidden moves emperor penguin no.1 and beast fang,but in the end things didn't work out as planned.

In season 3 ,Caleb was called by Cocah Seymour,beacuse he was selected as a canidate to represent Japan in the IFF(Internatinal Football Frontier) and passed.

In the Asian preliminaries finals he was not working get with the team,but soon he got their trust and even created a new move.

In the episode Royal's cruse part 1 and 2,Jude and David were thinking that Caleb was in contact with Ray Dark.In the next episode he Jude,David and Mark helped Italy's natinal Orphes in their match with Team K ,because some of the members were injured. They found Ray Dark who descised as Mr K .

In episode Penguin vs penguin he created a emperor penguin no.3 with David and Jude this defeted Team K.


  • Killer Fildes :It is a combination move of Jude and Caleb .Both of them use their feet and clash the ball creating small purple tornados.
  • Emperor Penguin No#3:Jude,Caleb and David jump into the air,Jude then whistle out five purple penguin.The three of them rotates around the ball, jump then smashes the ball down to the goal with the penguins followin for support.

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